Top 5 tips to keep your driveway weed free

A driveway is the first impression visitors see of your house, so when you see weeds growing it can look a little unsightly and affect the overall appearance of your home. So, you want to know where to begin?

Our team of experts have put together 5 top tips of how you can keep the driveway looking it’s best.


We know this is taking it back to basics, but brushing your driveway on a regular basis will disturb newly emerging weeds reducing the chance to take root. This will prevent large weed clusters establishing themselves making the maintenance of your driveway easier through the year.


If the thought of weedkiller is off putting to you, then you can go old school and try the manual approach. Using a handheld patio weeder (available at most garden centres) will help you rip the weed from the root removing it completely from your driveway. It is quite strenuous so please bear this in mind when considering this option.


If weeds have already grown, you will need to purchase a weedkiller strong enough for the weeds growing, a contact weedkiller should be substantial enough for smaller weeds but if they’re a little tougher then you’ll need a systemic weedkiller that takes a little longer to take effect than a contact weedkiller but it kills the entire plant as opposed to just the roots and stems.


A build-up of organic material has been allowed to build up on your driveway will cause Moss on your driveway. This can be handled with a moss killer from most garden centres. If you have a colours driveway, please remember to patch test to check for any staining.


Once your driveway has been cleared of all organic material and is clean, brush paving sand into the grooves and joints of the driveway to prevent build-up of weeds (even after rainfall). This creates a longer-term solution for preventing weed growth.

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