Driveways: What Are The Different Types?

There are many different types of driveways to choose from and deciding on the best driveway surface for you will depend on your style, practicality and budget.

We’ve explored the different types of driveway surfaces to give you a quick overview and help you understand which driveway is best for you!

Resin-bound driveways are one of our most popular choices of driveway surfaces as they allow the client to choose from a range of colour choices and flexibility. One of the benefits of a Resin-bound driveway is that they’re water permeable which reduces puddles. It should be noted that a Resin-bound driveway can crack easily if it isn’t prepared correctly, so make sure you’re using a reputable company when getting a new driveway.

Indian stone driveways are becoming more popular due it’s the natural sandstone aesthetic. Similarly, to resin-bound driveways, an Indian stone driveway allows the client a choice of patterns and colours to suit their premises and style. There is an additional option to use a clear coat that can be applied to the stone when it is laid, that will give the effect of the driveway always looking wet.

Block paving driveways have different options available such as: Tegula Block, Cobbles, Concrete Block as well as various types of setts. Again, different colours, effects and sizes are available. For many homeowners, block paving driveways are a popular choice but they do require regular cleaning. As with most driveways, the more complex the pattern, the higher the installation costs.

Flagged driveways gives the clients a range of options, including: concrete flags, sandstone, limestone, granite and yorkstone. There are a variety of different effects, colours and sizes available to suit your style and budget.

Stone and gravel driveways are another alternative option. They’re recognised as a cheaper type of driveway, but costs may increase when it needs ‘topping-up’. Maintenance on a stone/gravel driveway is required as it in laid directly onto the ground. However, if you put Visqueen down and spray weed killer before you install the gravel or stone, it will prevent any weeds or grass coming through it.

Top tip: Gravel driveways deter burglars as the movement of stone creates a noise when walking over them or parking your car on them.

Tarmac/Asphalt Driveways give the driveway a smooth and pristine finish when applied correctly. This is our most popular choice of driveway due to the overall look and practicality of the driveway. We find this is a longer lasting driveway due to the material and when it is in need of a refresh the driveway can be painted to make it look as good as new!

There are different colours available for asphalt driveways, including black, red, blue and green. And, for houses that have poor drainage or are low level and suffer from water pooling, there is an option to use a porous tarmac to prevent puddles.

So, how do you choose the best type of driveway for your premises?

Here’s a few things to consider:

  • Is it functionality and practicality you require? - is it just for looks, or will it get heavily use?

  • What space is available? – are there straight lines, or do you want an unusual shape?

  • Do you want a low-maintenance driveway or will you regularly maintain it?

  • Are you trying to establish a certain style or feel?

  • Have a budget in mind and compare the costs of each type of driveway

  • Is your driveway in good condition but just needs a refresh? Consider driveway painting

If you’d like one of our driveway specialists to pop out, we offer a FREE advice service with a no obligation quote to help you decide which driveway is best for your space and budget.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality service and results, for an affordable price!

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