Case Study: Berendsen UK, Wakefield – Car Park and Factory Perimeter


Berendsen UK laundry services had set up new premises on a site with an old car park which had not been resurfaced or repaired for over ten years. The surface was in a poor condition and was deteriorating further, owing to heavy trafficking by laundry wagons and other vehicles.

The existing car park and factory perimeter areas were planed out and completely resurfaced. The scale of the works called for sizeable machinery to be used, including a 1m planer, a BG200 paving machine and three ride-on rollers.

Areas of the surface were marked out and worked separately so that continuing use could be made of the car park throughout the duration of the works. On completion of the first section, cars using the car park were moved onto the finished area to allow works to continue on the remaining sections.

Line marking and painting was carried out on completion of the resurfacing.


The client was very pleased with the approach to the works and with the finished product.

#reinstatement #resurfacing #potholes

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