Case Study: One Vision Housing (for residents of Sefton Council)


A wheelie bin had been set on fire in a children’s playground in North Liverpool, damaging the soft play surface.

The client was concerned that the whole play area needed to be cordoned off, as the damaged surface was both presenting a trip hazard and making the area appear unsightly, having a poor effect on the community.

The client was also concerned that the whole play area would need to be resurfaced in order to repair the damage.


Aspho's (previously Arnian) proposed solution was to patch repair the damaged section with appropriate material and colouring to match the existing surface so as to produce a smooth finish. A good colour match can be achieved within a short time, as the surfacing product is specified to provide an exact match to the existing surface before weathering.

The play area was ready for use within 24 hours of completing the repair, with all barriers and signs of work removed. The client was delighted with this completely practical and relatively inexpensive solution.

#potholes #reinstatement #resurfacing

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